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Something to be written

A book, a magazine, a letter...

You have a message to be conveyed, a story to be told or an offer to be made to a potential business associate. Palladium Documentation will understand your requirement, carry out any research that may be required and draft your document in your voice. We will even carry out any photography that may be required.


Something to be edited

A report, an academic paper, a manual...

You have put a lot of your time and resources into your work.
Palladium Documentation will edit your draft for correctness of language - spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage - and consistency. We will go through your document character by character.
You can present your work confidently to your sponsor, your customers or to the world at large.


Something to be designed

A brochure, a corporate magazine, your business card...

You would like your collateral to capture the recipient's eye, to be aesthetic, to make an impact.
Palladium Documentation brings a deep understanding and vast experience to the design and layout of your material.
You will enjoy the co-creation process as much as you do presenting the finished product.

Business Meeting

A workshop to be conducted

Writing, editing

Research scholars, marketing teams, aspiring writers, anyone who enjoys writing - everyone benefits from guidance. Even experienced writers benefit from the fresh ideas of a good writing workshop.

Palladium Documentation will take your team through the important aspects of carrying out sound research, developing the structure of a document and choosing the right words. They will enjoy applying what they learn to practical assignments. They will benefit from personal feedback.

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